How to hang yourself
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2005-08-11 06:57:38 UTC
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What is the best method of hanging yourself without getting the sudden
"panic" attack that I am always hearing about? I want to be successful
in this, but I know that I am the type of person who will freak out in
the final seconds, and likely try to save myself. I figure I will get
substantially intoxicated, to the point where I am stumbling around,
barely conscious of my actions, but is this a good idea?

I am open to any suggestions/recommendations.
Jo The Waiter
2005-08-11 22:41:01 UTC
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You might want to investigate "suspension" hanging whereby you are
partially supported during the hanging - e.g. you sit or kneel. The
idea is to put enough tightness in to the noose to put sufficient
pressure on the carotid artery and/or jugular vein so that you close
off blood supply to (carotid) and/or from (jugular) the brain. This
causes you to black out (usually within a few minutes) and then
eventually die by anoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) - usually about
10-20 minutes. You can arrange the noose so that the knot is to the
front, above the chin and infront of the mouth so that you don't get
pressure on the windpipe and thereby none of the choking/gagging

Search ASM for "suspension hanging". Usual caveats apply - make sure
you have strong enough rope (when you pass out your whole body weight
goes on it) and that you won't be discovered. Recovery partially in to
the anoxia will result in you coming round with brain damage.

2005-08-12 05:09:15 UTC
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Great, thanks for your post. I will look in to that.